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Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that the good times have to stop! As the season winds down and temperatures cool, these last days of summer are the perfect opportunity to gather around a fire with your favorite people! 

Level Up Your S'more Game

We love the classic s'more as much as anyone here at Pear & Simple. What’s not to like about warm chocolate, gooey marshmallows, and the memorable crunch of graham crackers? There’s something about sitting by the fire and indulging in that symbolic summer treat!

Smore recipes from Pear and Simple in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

It’s hard to believe that s'more campfire treats have only been around for about a century. The recipe for ourfavorite summer dessert was first published in a Girl Scout guidebook and then, well, the rest is history!

In the years since s'mores were first introduced as a go-to campfire recipe for scouts, people have put all sorts of yummy spins on classic s'mores. Think s'mores with candies, Oreos, lemon meringue, and even fruit!

Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite twists on your basic s'more campfire recipe.

Hands hold a perfectly cooked smore. Pear and Simple in Port Washington, Wisconsin share amazing campfire recipes.

M&M S'mores

Adding the sweet and colorful chocolate crunch of M&M’s to s’mores may be the best thing since inventing s’mores themselves!

To make this decadent mouthful of a tasty summer treat, start with ourS’More Builder. This gadget is the ideal solution to creating picture-perfect (and delicious!) s’mores without the sticky fingers.

Loading ingredients into the smore builder, which you can purchase from Pear & Simple in Port Washington, Wisconsin

Place one graham cracker into the builder. You can add chocolate, if you’d like, or let the M&M’s be the star of the show! 

Roast your marshmallow and as it begins to heat and soften, push several M&M’s into its center. Then, resume toasting the marshmallow until it’s cooked to your liking. Place the roaster into the builder’s slot and pull it back, leaving the marshmallow between the crackers (and chocolate if you added that!)

Then, place your top cracker on the marshmallow, gently press it, and flip the s’more builder over to release the perfect M&M’s s’more!

A delicious campfire recipe, M&M s'mores are delicious with Pear & Simple's Smore Builder.

Reese’s S’mores

Can you name a campfire recipe better than one that has chocolate, marshmallows, and peanut butter by a fire? 

While you try to think of something, here’s how to make an absolutely delectable Reese’s s’more!

Start by gathering a handful of Reese’s Pieces. Then, instead of placing a piece of chocolate on the cracker, place sprinkle the candies.

Place your marshmallow on your roaster and enjoy watching it brown over the crackling fire. Whether you like your ‘mallows slightly melted, or nice and gooey, “done” is whatever you want it to be!

Then, put your marshmallow in your builder and remove your roaster from the slot. Add some more Reese's Pieces, followed by the finishing cracker. Once you’ve flipped your s’more builder, you’ll have the most incredible chocolate and peanut butter s'more ready to eat!

A Reeses Pieces smore made with the Smore Builder from Pear & Simple in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Fancy S'mores

The word “fancy” might not come to mind when you imagine cozying up next to a late summer fire, but trust us: this is one of those campfire recipes you’ll find yourself whipping up every summer from now on!

As you gather your s’more ingredients for your upcoming campfire, skip the standard chocolate bar. Instead, opt for something that feels a little more indulgent. There are many gourmet chocolate bars to choose from, each with different sweetness levels and tastes for every palate. Get your favorite one!

Before you start roasting, prepare your s’more by placing two squares of your preferred fancy chocolate on one graham cracker each. Then, grab one of the Animal Roaster in ourSmore Fun Pack and place your marshmallow (or two!) on it.

When your marshmallow is cooked to perfection, place it between your prepped graham crackers and chocolate. Get ready for the fanciest, most heavenly s’more you’ve ever had!

Use the Smore Builder from Pear and Simple in Port Washington, WI to build a perfect fancy smore.

Savory "Wisconsin" Campfire Treat

What’s more appropriate for campfire recipes in Wisconsin than adding cheese?

One of our favorite parts of being from Wisconsin is how many fantastic cheeses we get to enjoy from all over the state. For this savory Wisconsin campfire treat, we love using Cedar Valley String Cheese!

Savory campfire recipes from Pear and Simple in Port Washington, WI

The best thing about this recipe? It’s simple! And, using ourRed Crank Eez Rotating Smores Tool lets you go from opening your cheese to relishing a hot snack in no time.

Start by unwrapping your string cheese and placing it onto the end of the Rotating Smores Tool. Next, slowly cook the cheese over the fire. You might want to go slow to ensure the cheese doesn’t heat too fast and melt. Your goal should be to cook it until the outside of the cheese is bubbly!

There are countless string cheese campfire recipes you can try: Our favorite is eating the cheese straight off the stick! However, you could also sandwich it between crackers or even add a spoon of marinara or another sauce to it. 

Savory campfire recipes from Pear and Simple in Port Washington, Wisconsin

The Perfect Summer Campfire Cocktail Recipe

This zesty cocktail is a refreshing addition to your end-of-season summer campfire! 

All of your guests will love aHibiscus Ginger Lemon cocktail, especially since they can pair it with soda, tonic, ginger ale, or your favorite carbonated lemon drink. 

The CAMP Craft Cocktail Kit includes hibiscus, ginger root, lemon, and organic cane sugar. Add your favorite alcohol (vodka is excellent here!) and refrigerate it for three days to let the flavors infuse. Shake it well before serving! 

Get the ingredients fro cocktail campfire recipes at Pear & Simple in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

This cocktail would also be a fun fit for a mini cocktail bar. Provide the mixed drink from the kit and a variety of sodas and juices they can add to make it their own. Provide lemon wedge and mint garnishes, or even a few colorful hibiscuses!

Pear & Simple in Port Washington, Wisconsin shares cocktail campfire recipes.
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