February 09, 2022 1 min read

Valentine’s Day is a funny holiday, but one that I, as a mom think is pretty sweet!  Reds, pinks, hearts and sweets have always delighted my little ladies and it has been so much fun to make the most of this XOXO holiday with my daughters.  Each year I try to make a special treat to have on our table, this Valentine’s Day our HAPPY SPRINKLES made the cut as the easyies-peasiest addition to a quick cookie cake (I even cheated with store bought frosting).  

Valentine Sprinkles and Piping Bag of Frosting
As my girls get older we’re running in more and more directions and don’t have time to try all the recipes we’ve pinned on Pintrest or saved on Instagram.  Once the “Head Over Heels” sprinkles arrived I knew right away that these would be the easiest way to add a festive valentine POP to any old cookie recipe.  I used the Giant Birthday Cake Cookie recipe from The Ultimate Kids Baking Book (by Tiffany Dahle), colored some Pillsbury pre-made frosting, threw one tip in the piping bag and sprinkled these adorable sprinkles to make this look (and feel) like an A+ Mom effort! 
I will let you guys know if my girls agree😉