August 02, 2021 4 min read

Ahh, summer in Wisconsin. Warm days under the sun with family and friends are just the best. And what better way to enjoy this beautiful time of year than with a perfectly simple backyard bbq? 

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just the chance to enjoy time with your favorite people, we’re sharing our favorite backyard bbq dishes and treats for you to try! With quality, simple ingredients filled with big flavors, these recipes will help you create an appetizing and easy menu for all to enjoy.

The Perfect BBQ Bacon Blue Cheese Burger

First thing’s first: An ultimate backyard bbq has to serve up a juicy and flavorful burger! When it comes to Wisconsin burgers, you can’t beat locally sourced beef and of course, adding a savory cheese to the mix.

A BBQ Bacon Blue Cheese Burger is a simple addition to the ultimate backyard bbq. Get tips, recipes, and products from Pear & Simple gift shop in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Grass-fed beef fromBernie’s Fine Meats, our favorite Port Washington butcher, is the delicious base for these heavenly burgers. Start by grilling your patties to your version of perfection, whether you enjoy a pink rare burger or a well-done masterpiece.

Next, top your burgers with slices of heirloom tomatoes, butter crunch lettuce, and red onion slices. Feel free to add your favorite burger-topping veggies to the mix!

Adding a slice of bacon to BBQ Bacon Blue Cheese Burger. Get more ultimate backyard bbq recipes and gifts from Pear & Simple in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Add several slices of pepper bacon onto the veggies (we used Bernie’s Serbian Style Pepper Bacon) for a pop of flavor and spice. Then, sprinkle blue cheese crumbles for a sharp and salty treat for your tastebuds.

The finishing touch on this mouth-watering burger is a generous dollop ofPier Street Provisions Bourbon BBQ Sauce: made with tomato, Kentucky bourbon, and hickory bacon. Yum!

Add some bbq sauce to your ultimate backyard bbq burger. Get great sauces and dips from Pear & Simple gift shop in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

We served our burgers on warm Sheboygan Hard Rolls from Fuzzy’s Bakery for a perfect burger experience!

Flavor-Packed Roasted Potato Wedges

Pair your finished burgers with roasted potato wedges for the ultimate backyard bbq plate! These wedges are easy to make and are the perfect side dish to compliment your favorite burgers, ribs, or any other summer meat you’re grilling up for guests.

This simple potato wedge recipe uses ourFarmhouse Five Onion Mix, a zesty seasoning with toasted and Greek onions, leeks, and garlic. 

These fries are a simple addition to your ultimate backyard bbq. Get seasoning and dips from Pear & Simple in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Before you get started, preheat your oven to 350℉. Then, whip up your seasoning! Mix 1-2 TBS of water with 3 TBS of Farmhouse Five Onion Mix in a small dish and set it aside to let the flavors come to life. 

Melt 3-4 TBS of butter and stir it into 3-4T BS of olive oil. Next, place those potato wedges in a bowl and pour the butter and oil mixture over them, tossing to coat all of the wedges.

Sprinkle your seasoning onto a baking sheet before lining your coated potatoes on top. Then, top off the potatoes with another sprinkling of the seasoning. Bake until tender and golden brown, or for about 45 minutes. Turn once to ensure your potatoes are evenly cooked. Serve up with your favorite dishes!

Don’t Forget Pickles!

Whether you like to add them to your burgers or enjoy them on their own, pickles are one of our favorite additions to an ultimate backyard bbq menu. We like slicing them to snack on or use as toppings, dicing them up, and using the brine for dressings and marinades.

Pickles are a delicious staple for an ultimate backyard bbq! Get a tasty jar from Pear & Simple gift shop in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Stop into Pear & Simple to grab your jar of Pier Street ProvisionsBread & Butter Pickles and add a juicy and crunchy element to your bbq!

An Addicting Smoked Salmon Dip

Give your ultimate backyard bbq guests something tasty to snack on with a creamy and delicious appetizer!

You can get the ingredients for a tasty and creamy spinach dip at Pear & Simple gift shop in Port Washington, Wisconsin

First, get some fresh salmon from our favorite local fish market. Here in Port Washington, that’sEwig Bros. Fish Company! Then, pair it with ourDilly Herb Dip seasoning blend, made with parsley, dill, and onion. Mix with your choice of plain greek yogurt, mayonnaise, or sour cream for a dip your crowd won’t be able to get enough of.

Share your smoked salmon dip along with vegetable cuts or in a bread bowl for an appetizing snack everyone will love. 

The Ultimate Backyard BBQ Dessert

Have you had a chance to go strawberry picking this summer? This ultimate backyard bbq dessert is the perfect way to use your haul!

Strawberry cheesecake cups are so simple, your kids can help you make them! They’re easy to grab and look as lovely as they taste. 

We used half-pint mason jars to serve this cold treat, but you can use any small, clear glass, cup, or jar. Crush graham crackers and pour into the jars (or your chosen vessels) to create the first layer. 

This cold and sweat Strawberry dessert is great for any summer barbecue. Purchase the ingredients at Pear & Simple gift shop in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Then, add a creamy layer of cheesecake mix. Just stir a packet  of our HalladaysStrawberry Cheesecake Mix with one package of cream cheese and one package of Coolwhip and chill–That’s it!

Next, place a layer of fresh strawberry slices. Repeat your graham cracker, cheesecake mix, and strawberry layers until the jars are full! If you want to take your presentation up a notch, try using a piping bag for your cheesecake mix.

A Refreshing Summer Beverage

Round out your ultimate backyard bbq menu with a refreshing drink to cool your guests off and delight their taste buds!

A refreshing summer cocktail is the best beverage for a backyard barbecue. Get mixes and more at Pear & Simple in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Hot summer days are the perfect time to mix up a pitcher of Palomas! Combine Fresh Squeezed Paloma mix from Port Washington’sMiss Mary’s Mix, vodka, sparkling water, a splash of fresh grapefruit for a delightful mix of flavors. Pour over lots of ice for the perfect cold cocktail!

Just leave out the vodka for a great non-alcoholic spritzer!


Ready to plan your perfectly simple ultimate backyard bbq? Stop intothe shop to get all of your summer hosting essentials!