Mom, More Than You Know - Fill-in Book

More than ever, you can look back on your life and see the support Mom offered and the memories that mean so much. This elegant fill-in book is an invitation to reminisce, write down your thoughts, and preserve them for years to come. Complete the simple but meaningful prompts with qualities you admire, lessons you've learned, and special moments you want to remember. When you're done, you'll have a customized keepsake celebrating all that you are to each other. It's a wonderful gift of appreciation for a birthday or Mother's Day.

Inside, you'll find heartfelt prompts such as:
- Thank you for the so many everyday ways you cared for me, like _____ and _____ and _____.
- I realize now that no one ever had to teach me _____. I learned just by watching you.
- The older I get, the more I appreciate your one-of-a-kind _____.